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Air Force Achievement Award - Qualifications

Anthony Hartman, Dallas

Having worked as a professional business consultant for more than 25 years, Anthony “Tony” Hartman has given several lectures and conducted seminars to help businesses create a successful program. Throughout his career, Anthony “Tony” Hartman has won a number of awards and been given honors and distinctions such as the Air Force Achievement Award.

Given to Air Force personnel for meritorious service rendered, the Air Force Achievement Award recognizes those who have shown outstanding achievement while in service to their country. The award is also given to those who have committed acts of courage while in the Air Force.
Recipients of the Air Force Achievement Award are given one point toward the promotion value system and is generally awarded to junior personnel who are in the O-4 pay grade or below and who have not qualified for the Commendation or Meritorious Service Medals. The medal features an inner medallion with thunderbolts running through a set of wings.

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